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How Do I become an Owner?

We have incorporated and are now accepting applications for ownership!

  1. Download and mail in our OWNERSHIP APPLICATION along with a check. (Keep in mind this document is meant to be folded in half lengthwise, otherwise it is a little confusing!) Soon we hope to be accepting credit cards and ownership applications online, but in the meantime we hope you will consider supporting this important community effort. The faster we secure community support, the faster we can get our doors open.
  2. Read our BY-LAWS
    (This gives you information about what it means to be an owner of
    Cultivate Community Food Co-op.)
  3. Learn more about our ARTICLES OF INCORPORATION
    (This is the paperwork we filed with the State of California to become incorporated.)
  4. COMING SOON! We are working on our ability to accept ownership applications online.

Ownership vs. Donations

Owner shares and donations are different and here is a brief description of the two.

Ownership is really the primary vehicle to starting up a co-op business. Ownership is not a donation, but rather an actual share in the company with specific benefits and responsibilities. Current owners can vote in co-op elections, attend the Annual Meeting, and run for the Board of Directors. When our store opens other benefits will include, coupons, sales and discount days, reduced pricing on case orders, patronage refunds, discounted classes, and more!

Select an ownership Plan
Full Fair Share*: Invest $300
Strongly encouraged to facilitate store opening
Partial Share*: Invest $25
Continue these payments every quarter (or more often) until the full Fair Share of $300 is reached.
*A one time $5 processing fee is charged at the time of your purchase.

Donations are given by folks who believe in this project and want to support the grass roots, start-up phase and help jump start this project to make it happen. Any donation is appropriate, anything that will help us reach our million dollar goal to help open our doors and serve our community. Track our progress and see what your money is doing by signing up for our newsletter, following us on Facebook and checking our website for our blog. Tax-deductible donations can be made at this time through our current sponsor, Sustainable Solano (501c3). You can choose to pay online.

IMPORTANT NOTE: To donate online click the button below. This will take you to the Sustainable Solano website. Once there, click on their donate button located in the right hand column and follow the instructions. Make sure to write “Donate to Cultivate Community Food Co-op” in the “Add Special Instructions” box.


Or you can mail a check to: Sustainable Solano, P.O. Box 1215, Benicia, CA  94510. In the memo of the check please write “Donate to Cultivate Community Food Co-op.” Please also let us know you have sent a check by e-mailing us at