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Our Team

Paula Schnese, Board President

Paula grew up in a family of nine siblings in a small Wisconsin town surrounded by farms. With so many growing children to nurture, she learned at a young age the value of locally produced, healthy, fresh foods. Longing to spread her wings as she grew older, Paula set her sights on California, specifically Santa Barbara where she earned her degree in professional photography.  Following graduation, she moved to the Bay Area where she established a successful commercial photography studio.

Living in California, surrounded by the abundance of healthy, flavorful and local food choices, only increased Paula’s interest in health and nutrition. In 1992, she read John Robbins’ book, Diet for a New America. Embracing Robbins’ connections between food, health, diet and environmentalism, Paula immediately became a vegetarian, an eating style she has maintained. Nurturing body and soul had become her mantra.

Following the birth of her 3rd child, she formally closed her studio in order to focus on nurturing her children. Living near Berkeley at the time, she had access to a variety of natural food stores where she could get the foods she wanted for her family.  However, moving to Benicia in 2013, she immediately noticed a food void and decided to do something about it!  (Read “Our Story.”)

Paula uses her “outside the box” thinking and organizing skills as a photographer and her analytical bookkeeping skills (more recently she manages the accounts at her husband’s law firm) to lead this grass roots effort to establish a food co-op to the Benicia/Vallejo area. Passionate about the food co-op, Paula is patient and determined, envisioning Cultivate Community Food Co-op’s grand opening when the it reaches 1500 owner members. 

In Paula’s free time, which she doesn’t have too much of since starting CCFC, she enjoys practicing Qi-Gong, playing her fiddle, sailing with her husband and doing pretty much anything with her close family.

Wolf Hagar, Board Vice President

I was born in Vallejo and grew up in Benicia until I was eight-years-old, and moved back to the area just 2 years ago. I’m excited to give back to the community that is so close to my heart by helping to launch a much needed food co-op.

I worked at and was an owner of Rainbow Grocery Cooperative, Inc. in San Francisco California for 15 years . While there, I worked in the maintenance, packaged grocery, cheese, and bakery departments. I also served on the Board of Directors Committee for a total of 5 years, the Storewide Steering Committee for 5 years, and a Civil Rights Advocacy Committee for 4 years. These experiences have supported my growth through life and I am forever grateful for them.

While my experience with Cooperatives has been mainly from the perspective of worker owned cooperatives that were previously established and successful before I joined them, working to launch Cultivate Community Food Co-op is my first entrepreneurial venture and experience with a consumer cooperative. I am happy to bring whatever I can to the table and help this endeavor move forward.  My interests include affordable health food, vitamins and supplements, as well as labor justice for the local communities.



Kim Barragan, Board Secretary

My name is Kim Barragan and I am very excited to have the opportunity to be bringing a food co-op to the Benicia/Vallejo area soon!

I first became aware of the need for clean, whole food about 20 years ago when my young daughter developed intolerances to a number of foods. At that time I began the long road to educating myself about all the ingredients our foods contained besides just the food itself. I was shocked. I saw the same reactions to food in many of my Kindergarten students over the years as well. This was very different from the way I grew up. Not one of my childhood friends had food allergies or intolerances!

As time passed I realized that so many of my children’s high school and college friends also suffered from illnesses related to their food. And yet, when they lived and traveled in Europe, these illnesses went away! I kept reading and learning as much as I could. I found that many chemicals in our American foods are banned in Europe. I came to the conclusion that the solution to this problem is to provide clean, locally-sourced food to everyone in our communities, free of chemicals and unnecessary additives. I look forward to buying healthy foods, drinks, and home goods in our own hometown!

Greg Morrison, Board Treasurer

Greg Morrison grew up in Marin County on a small street on Mt. Tamalpais where all the neighbors knew each other and the sense of community was strong. Working as the neighborhood paper boy, babysitter, and running a home delivery beignet business with his brother, Greg came to appreciate that local communities foster local economies and local economies strengthen local communities.

Greg spent his adult working years as a systems analyst developing global systems for multi-national companies such as General Electric, General Motors, and Levi Strauss & Co.   Now that he’s retired, he’s eager to get back to his roots and explore the possibility that technology can enhance both the local economy and the local community of Vallejo and Benicia. Cultivate Community Food Co-op is a perfect vehicle for making this happen as it brings people together in the one economic enterprise that everyone loves to participate in – the growing, preparing, and sharing of delicious, healthy food with friendly, helpful, fun, and interesting neighbors.



Maxine Agombar, Community Events Committee, Lead

Maxine Agombar is a loving wife, fur-mama to an adopted German Sheppard/Beagle Roxy and a Vallejo/Benicia native. Professionally she is a licensed Realtor® as well as a certified plant-based chef. In her spare time Maxine enjoys going on local hikes and road trips, practicing yoga and meditation, reading and writing, and of course, venturing out to try new foods!!!

She recently moved back to the Vallejo area after volunteering abroad and  living in Southern California for several years. Maxine and her husband Mark were searching for ways to get involved within the local community when they discovered Cultivate Community Food Co-op. They are both thrilled to be part of the Steering Committee and are looking forward to helping launch Solano County’s first food co-op.

Mark Agombar, Steering Committee Member

Mark Agombar, a South Africa native, moved to the United Kingdom when he was 21. He met his wife Maxine, a California native, while working in London. The pair then moved back to the Bay Area (Maxine’s home) to put down roots and be closer to family. Mark was in the construction industry for over 10 years before recently deciding to start his own Handyman/Contractor business. His favorite things in life are his wife, their dog Roxy, surfing, building things, exploring, and good food. Mark prides himself on being a bit of a Renaissance man and is looking forward to putting his variety of skills to use in order to help open a food co-op full of healthy, delicious foods for his local community.