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The survey says…

We ran a quick survey to find out what people in our community find important in choosing where to shop for groceries. 694 people responded, which is really impressive. Thank you all!

Here are our results:


1. What are the most important factors you consider when choosing where to shop for groceries? (Pick up to 5)





















2. Where do you spend most of your grocery dollars?











3. What is your zip code?











4. Do you do the majority of your shopping outside Vallejo and Benicia?











5. How much do you or your household spend weekly on groceries?











6. How frequently do you go grocery shopping?











7. How long are you willing to travel to regularly purchase groceries?











8. How do you feel a grocery co-op could contribute to a better quality of life in Vallejo/Benicia? (Choose all that apply)


















9. What is your interest level in a grocery co-op?











10. Would you be interested in becoming a member/owner in a local food co-op?



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