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We’ve incorporated!! What next?

Greg Morrison, Paula Schnese, Ana Acosta and Wolf Hagar travel to Sacramento to file CCFC's articles of incorporation with our Secretary of State.
Cultivate Community Food Cooperative, Inc. is now an official business entity in the State of California!!!

On Wednesday, July 26, four members of Cultivate Community Food Co-op’s steering team including Founder Paula Schnese, Wolf Hagar, Ana Acosta, and Greg Morrison traveled to the office of the Secretary of State in Sacramento to file Cultivate Community Food Cooperative, Inc.’s Articles of Incorporation. (You can still call us Cultivate, Cultivate Community Food Co-op, CCFC or just the Co-op!)

Why is this a big deal and what’s next?  Articles of Incorporation must be filed with the state to enable a cooperative to operate as a legal entity. We can now open a bank account (yay!), and pay taxes (boo!).

Now that we have Incorporated, our first official board meeting is scheduled for Friday, September 8th. It is at this time we will adopt the co-op’s bylaws and appoint officers. PLEASE NOTE: there are 3 openings on the board and we will select new board members as they present themselves with the expertise, time and leadership skills that CCFC will need as we move into Stage II of our development.

Stage II, the “feasibility and planning” stage, it is at this stage that things get real! We will continue to work on our business plan, complete a market study, (i.e. where will the food co-op be located?), put together our ownership packages and begin selling owner shares.


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