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We reached Stage II of creating Solano County’s first food co-op!

After 18 months of Stage I development, Organizing, which includes reaching out to the community; convening a core group; assessing common interest and needs; building a shared vision; designating leadership; committing time and money; and preparing for Incorporation; CCFC has reached Stage II development of a III Stage Plan. Stage II, called ‘Feasibility and Planning,’ was reached in July when we filed our Articles of Incorporation.

During Stage II the feasibility part will take into account in-depth assessments of our market potential, financial projections, and our organizational commitment. A group from the CCFC board is working with outside consultant Anne Kamish McFarlin from Infofind Research to help us with our market study.   

The planning part of Stage II will occur when our management capacity is built and a business plan for financing and operation is developed. 

After we complete our market study and business plan, we will be well on our way to securing a strong business foundation for Cultivate Community Food Co-op.


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