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Volunteer needs

On this page we will list opportunities for the community to get involved. Please contact us at if one of our ‘Needs’ speaks to you.

  • Volunteer Committee – 2-3 people to work together and contact volunteers via phone calls and/or e-mails for job specific duties created by all committees. We have a large list of people who want to help create CCFC. We just need a few leaders to contact the people on this list with specific tasks.
  • Community Events Committee –  This is the fun committee! planning fun events to reach the community. Join this committee and help brainstorm ideas for community events. This committee will work directly with the Volunteer Committee to staff events.
  • Outreach Committee – 2-3 people to research and connect with various groups in the community to schedule speaking engagements; table at scheduled community events, i.e. farmers markets, food fairs, etc. to bring about education and awareness of CCFC.
  • Fundraising Committee – Do like to do research? Write grants? There is money out there waiting for a nice home! We are looking for people who can help us tap into this resource.
  • Worker Bees – This is not a committee, so to speak, but rather a way for volunteers to get familiarized with the food co-op idea, get to know others in the community, and help move
    CCFC forward.
    To be “on-call” for co-op volunteer opportunities

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